Businesses use YouTube to broadcast content through Channels. 

The most effect YouTube Channels have a theme and provide frequent updates. 

Businesses can advertise through targeted video ads that play before consumers can view selected videos.

Because YouTube by Google has become the second most common search; it has become an important tool in internet marketing

YouTube is a free tool that allows users to upload, view, and share videos. 

Available content includes:
  • Video clips
  • TV clips
  • Music videos
  • Video blogging
  • Short original videos
  • Educational and training videos
  • Live event streaming
A YouTube account for your business is a great way to show the best features of your product or service on an easily recognizable media.

You Tube has different video resolutions from mobile friendly to high definition (HD).

Pros of YouTube

  • High search engine discoverability
  • All tools are free
  • Easy account setup to monetize your content
  • the player for sharing content
  • Player playback is optimized for screen
    • Mobile viewing
    • Google TV, Roku, etc.

Cons of YouTube

  • Customer service primarily through product forums
  • Low RPMs (revenue per thousand impressions) on ads - you can't set your own price for your content
  • SEO discoverability can be low because of the volume of videos posted
  • Buffering can be problematic on content being viewed in high definition


Free resources from YouTube

Paid resources

How To

Articles / Media / Tools


  • Brand your channel
  • If you don't upload videos regularly 
    • Share, like and favorite related videos
      • Create relevant playlists
  • Easily display videos on a website using the share option - embed
  • Use keywords in titles and descriptions of videos for better search engine exposure
  • Share YouTube links on other social sites like Facebook and Twitter