Writing for Business

Writing for business includes memos, reports, proposals, emails, blogs, eBooks, and other forms of writing used in organizations to communicate with internal or external.

Google Apps for Work provides tools to manage these digital assets. 


Writer's Block

Writer's block is the condition of being unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing.  Tips to overcome:
  • Journal of potential content
    • Anticipate future topics and ideas
    • Plan topics with a content calendar
    • Keep it short with a picture, paragraph, call-to-action
    • Use customer feedback


  • Atomic Reach - writing companion that drives content performance
    • Scoring of how well the content will perform
    • Audience readability / message crafting
    • Title to grab reader's attention
    • Body improvements with topic relevancy, paragraph density, invalid links
    • Language, emotion, spelling, grammar
  • Grammarcheck.comImprove your writing and grammar skills, punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, commas, business writing, writing tips, and paragraphs
  • Hemingway App - to help you make your writing bold and clear with brevity
  • Slickwrite.com - proof read online, check your social posts for grammar, spelling mistakes
  • TextExpander - MAC 
  • Word Count Tools - a freeword counter that includes features that are useful for users who write in blogs, forums, websites, product reviews:
    • Readability
    • Keyword density
    • Case change
  • Writerack.com - for Tweets
  • Writers Store  -Screenplay, scripting writing, screenwriting software, books, and classes


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