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Call to Action

A call to action or CTA is an advertising and marketing tool to provide direction to 'do something'—often the next step that a consumer could take toward the purchase of a product or service.
  • Contact business
  • Complete feedback form
  • Provide email address
  • Link to webpage


  • 22 Call To Action Examples That Get Powerful Results
  • 20 Ways to Write a Call to Action
    1. Instant gratification
    2. Pull at the heartstrings
    3. Situational, demographic context
    4. Problem aggravation
    5. Implication and effect
    6. People want to belong
    7. How it works
    8. Focus on the features
    9. Focus on the benefits
    10. Sell the savings
    11. Using fear
    12. Individualize the message
    13. Use a cliffhanger
    14. Make it a game
    15. Offer a bonus
    16. Stroke the ego
    17. Build some hype
    18. Toot your own horn
    19. Stopping power
    20. Picture this

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