A website is a location connected to the internet that maintains one or more web pages on the World Wide Web (www) that are available to Wweb browsers.

Websites can also be a blog with its' blog pages.

Quality websites include:
  1. Visibility to search engines including online PR and advertising, newsletters, social media
  2. Relevance of current topics - regular content updates
  3. Functional links
  4. Credibility, longevity of site, reputation marketingcitation authority

Starting a Website

A small business website and/or blog should be the sun around which all online marketing is built around with objectives of:
  • Generating leads
  • Driving purchases
  • Creating brand awareness
Foundation of a website:
  1. Domain and Hosting
    • You can purchase a Domain name and Hosting through several companies including GoDaddy, HostGator, Blue Host, and Google. 
  2. Theme
    • A good theme gives you the look and feel you want for your website / blog, allowing you to design your blog exactly how you want it to look. If you are just starting out use the free themes.
  3. Plugins. 
    • Plugins are Third Party pieces of software that adds functionality to your website. A few examples of the kinds of plugins: 
      • Social Sharing
      • SEO optimizing
      • Contact forms and email list
  4. Content. 
    • Put a picture of yourself on the header (this is important because people identify with people, not logos). Finally start writing new blog posts and posting them regularly (at least once a week).

G Suite

To manage your digital assets consider G Suite:
  • Inexpensive website tool to provide
    • Finability details on 
      • Business cards
      • Marketing materials
      • Invoices
    • Reachability 
      • Website
      • Email
      • Phone - Google Voice phone / Google Hangout
    • Credibility of your brand through email from your company
    • Pointability to social media
    • Responsive
      • Desktop
      • Mobile devices
  • Secure toolset
  • Ease of use
  • Digital asset management
    • Files, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, emails, device management and more.


Website fundamentals:
  • Visibility - on all major search engines.
  • Relevancy - keywords, images/visuals, headers, links, news
  • Popularity - links from social media, blogs.
  • Analytics - metrics of your site.

Starting a Website

New to website development?
  1. Define your goals & expectations.  
  2. Whiteboard drafts of options A, B, C.
  3. Revisit, revise based on feedback.
  4. Do it yourself or hire?
    • DIY is easy today if it is a simple non-eCommerce site.
  5. Publish your website to get your 24/7/52 sales tool at work.
  6. Promote your website.


  • Define 
    • Target audience, what do you what do you want your web presence to do?
    • What transactions you want to enable?
    • What information do you need to provide to your audience?
  • Easy of use - make a easy as possible for you customers. 
    • Use headlines, sub headlines, outline, call to action.
    • Eye scans from top right.
  • Vision your customer's needs.
  • Voice your brand.
    • Consider images, videos to convey your brand.
    • Have stories to communicate.
  • Count your words.  Shoot for ~300 words for SEO for non-home pages on your website.
  • Test it with robots.  What is the reading score?
  • Maintain an effective presence
    • Keep current
    • Staff and schedule maintenance
    • Collect ideas
    • Use data analytics

Necessary Elements in Your Website

  1. Hours and contact information
  2. Logo and company colors
  3. Location and directions
  4. About page with 
    • Human Contact
    • Company Story
  5. Product and services details
    • Good, thorough descriptions for search engine
    • Professional images
    • Restaurants include menus
    • Pricing (if you choose)
  6. Content to attract and serve customers
    • Videos, articles, whitepapers
    • Social media icons and links
    • Customer testimonials
  7. Transaction
    • E-commerce store
    • Schedule appointments
    • Support ticket system
  8. Calls to action
    • Subscribe box for mailing list
    • Lead generation form 
    • Buy button
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