Time Management

Time management is the ability to use an individual's time effectively and productively, especially at work (but with a work life balance).

Small business time management is an element of your business system(s). 
  1. Weekly A-B-C planning
  2. Daily a.m. A-B-C planning
  3. Re-prioritization of A-B-C and if it's a 1, 2, or 3 priority
    • Considerations of
      • Importance
      • Urgency
      • Significance
  4. Calendar management

Emotional Time Management (Not Logical)

The emotional permission is to "multiple time by giving your the permission to invest time today that creates more time or results tomorrow - procrastinate

Discipline of the "Time focus funnel"
  • Top third - eliminate
  • Middle third - automate
    • Permission to invest
  • Bottom third - delegate
Rory Vaden - Take The Stairs
    Southwestern Consulting

Email Time Management

My personal email review strategy is a disciplined, calendar-scheduled:
  1. AM email review
  2. Noon review
  3. Late afternoon review
  4. Minimal after hours / weekend (if possible, hold to working hours)

Social Media Time Management

Research, analytics, and channel planning are integrated with your above business system.

Consider a foundation of 
  • Tweets
    • 6-7 tweets per day on weekdays
    • 3-4 on weekends
  • Facebook
    • 5-6 Facebook or LinkedIn Page posts per week. 
    • Periodic on other social networks 
      • But have a daily schedule for each. 
It varies for everyone and all should to experiment to their business system schedule.


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