Video Authoring, Editing and Posting

Making professional videos requires post-processing of authored videos.

Although most author content on YouTube from smartphone videos; professional videos require professional equipment to achieve HD or high definition video.

Steps to Create Your Own Video

  1. Identify your audience, location, and how they shop your business.  Target this persona in your video.
  2. Cultivate ideas to education, entertain, or inspire.
  3. Plan the content to process your product or service sales.  Ideas for the video could include how a product is made, your branding, the customer experience, or how you started your business. 
  4. Script and storyboard with a short overview.  Read it aloud and plan a call to action.
  5. Consider space, lighting, and sounds in the area.
  6. Record on a smartphone, upload to YouTube, Facebook at a minimum.

Stock Video / Affect Effects Templates


Animated Video