Social Media - Why Use?

Why should an individual or small business use social media?  
  • Build a vibrant product or service community
  • Subscribe to a newsletter
  • Drive traffic to website or blog to purchase products or services
  • Become an authority in your field; an influencer 
  • Customer service insights
  • Stay connected to customers, family, friend
Once you know what you want from social media; review your website, email, blogging, and social media analytics and engage your audience.

Basically, social media is about communication and the promotion of::

Corrections to Common Business Mistakes

  • Engage your clients with quality content that is relevant, organized, and creative
  • Strategize with a content calendar
  • Make connections between personal and professional content
  • Balance your business content, other's content, and content that is human (no advertising, marketing goal)

Business Tools

  • PeopleLinx - integrate social into team's sales process and metrics


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