Content Strategy

Starting a new blog?  

Make your blog more effective by answering these content strategy questions:
  1. Topic - What content will you write about?
    • Defining the content
    • Tools to use on your content topic
    • Workflow of the process
    • Future / end result
  2. Audience - Who is the target audience that you will write to?
    • Inventory current content that addresses user persona's concerns and questions at each point in buyer's journey; identify the gaps
    • Ideal reader
    • Current reader
  3. Style -  What types of content will you publish?
    • Video
    • Snackable content that is short-form
    • Opinion and though leadership
    • Talking points - 'I'd love to hear from the audience'
  4. Depth - What depth will you approach a topic?
    • Create a content calendar and schedule
    • Expand beyond the topic
    • Downloadable guides
    • More videos
  5. Behind-the-Scenes - How will we organize yourself to get the work done?
    • Editorial boards
    • Workflows


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