A career is an occupational undertaking for a significant period of time.

Advance your career by:
  • Assuming greater responsibly when co-workers are on vacation
  • New ideas during slow periods
  • Network
  • Having a positive co-worker and customer environment
  • In-house and outside of the organization
  • Develop and maintain a healthy work-life balance


Before salary negotiations, do research to ensure you have and set realistic expectations on the job earnings.



    1. Be exceptionally professional and relevant.
    2. Initiate solutions and solve problems.
    3. Care about others, so they will want to care about you.
    4. Use your smile, sense of humor and personality more.
    5. Be authentic, real and get more personal with people.
    6. Step up in person and online networking to grow connections and relationships.
    7. Serve and help first, sell later.
    8. Persevere and work through tough times.
    9. Always have hope and develop optimism.
    10. Sense and know when it’s time to change and change.
    11. Let go of any and all old ideas that don’t apply to today’s best practices and real world. (They will only hold you back.)
    12. Don’t fight where things are now and do not procrastinate on making essential changes in your personal life, marketing and business.
    13. Always be in “skill up” and “learn new” mode on everything that applies to your career and business advancement and success.
    14. Seek out new people, ideas and approaches and be open-minded to taking some calculated thoughtful risks. (It’s actually quite exciting.)

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