Record Keeping

Having an organized record keeping system benefits a small business:
  • Accessible and searchable files
  • Minimizes stress and headaches
  • Optimizes income tax
A non-inclusive list of some common business records maintain:
  1. Accounting records
    • Expenses
    • Income
    • Invoices
    • Customer payments and transaction records
    • Tax filings (annual, quarterly, and monthly - if applicable)
    • Bank and credit card statements
  2. Contracts with clients, vendors, partners, etc.
  3. Purchase orders (POs)
  4. Licenses and permits
  5. Employment applications
  6. Vehicle mileage logs
  7. Articles of Incorporation or Certificate of Organization (depending business legal structure)
  8. Operating agreement
  9. Meeting minutes
  10. Trademark, service mark, and patent registrations
  11. Inventory records