Public Speaking

Speaking in front of large groups can be intimidating.  Webinars and podcasting are also a form of public speaking.

How can technology help?

Practice - record and repeat using tools like smartphone recording (audio or video).


  • Open with a personal anecdote that relates to your talk
  • Manage the use of your hands
    • Allow hands to rest at your side
    • Make big gestures showing energy and to hold audiences attention
  • Smile and keep a light, pleasant facial expression
  • Keep the content light
  • Prepare
    • Plan an outline of topics with a word processor like Google Docs or Slides if you are doing a presentation
    • Rehearse until a comfort-level is present
    • Visualize yourself delivering your remarks calmly and confidently
    • Practice with audio / video recordings
  • Consider morning exercises to control stress
  • Take a few deep breaths before stepping ot the podium to help you relax


  • 10 Public Speaking Tips and Tricks for Small Business Owners
    • Plan speaking events
    • Focus on your audience's needs
    • Know and love your content
    • Keep it short and simple (and reference your online content for details)
    • Spice up the presentation
    • Be engergetic
    • Moderate your speech
    • Be interactive
    • Tell stories
    • Have fun and be yourself

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