A podcast is a digital audio or video file made available on the internet for downloading to a computer, mobile media player, or smartphone.

It originated from the Apple iPod; hence the podcast. 

It is an outstanding companion for while:
  • Driving
  • Running, walking
  • Sitting at a desk
New downloads can be received by a subscription on the smartphone.

Virtues of podcasting over traditional media:
  • Don't have to create content for a massive audience
  • Directed to specific niche interests
  • For small audiences
  • Small budget

Starting a Podcast

To start a podcast, consider:
  • Monitoring metrics for success
    • Goals
  • Content that is informative and helpful
    • Make it entertaining
  • Talent acquisition and scheduling of the right host
  • Committing to deliver engaging and useful content on a regular basis
    • Allow the host to facilitate relevant introductions
    • Research hosts and content
    • Weed quality content
      • Avoid weak questions and answers
    • Ask open-ended questions of what, how, why, when, and where
  • Listening to guests
  • Simple legal release form addressing topics that include:
    • Contract
    • Compensation
    • Releasing rights to actions of the audio and associated photography 
    • Copyrights
    • Trademarks
  • Avoiding irrelevant value
  • Focus on content, discuss host later in podcast

Podcasting Tools

Audio Software

  • Audacity
  • BluBrry Podcasting - podcast hosting - podcast statistics - PowerPress plugin for Wordpress
  • Cast - Tryca.St
    • The Studio - Record high-fidelity audio, alone or with guests around the world with no extra software as it is all stored in the cloud.
    • The Editor - Edit your podcast in record time. Drop in audio, and make use of powerful presets including dynamic compression.
    • The Publisher - Publish your podcast with the click of a button – all Cast plans include hosting, RSS feeds, and analytics at no extra charge.
  • Garage Band
  • Libsyn - podcast hosting
  • Skype to record calls

Audio Hardware

Recording / Editing

Stream Podcasts

Authoring and Podcast Management



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