Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is advertising by connecting, engaging, and influencing individuals with mobile devices.

Text Message Marketing

  • Majority of text messages are ready within 5 minutes
  • Effective tool for multiple business functions
    • Scheduling
    • Sales
    • Reminders
  • Affordable tool
  • Personal marketing

Text (SMS Marketing) Best Practices

  • Opt in / opt out required
  • Timely
  • Value added
  • Transactional messages
    • Post purchase followup
    • Contest
  • Coordinate with other channels
    • Social media, Facebook, etc.
  • Foster special exclusivity that other customers can't do
  • Respect the user and not be spammy 

Use Cases

  • Appointment 
    • Confirmation
    • Reminder
    • Scheduling
  • Exception communication
  • Flash sale
  • Thank you note
  • Links to website


These can be enabled by advertisements, a data sensors, a cloud service, a location, commerce, or contactless trigger.


  • Mobile friendly websites
  • Apps are still making an impact
  • Advertise cautiously 
  • Rise of mobile pay
  • Video continues upward
  • Keep branding consistent across mediums


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