Acquisitions / Lead Generation

The goal of an internet marketing campaign is lead generation converting to customer acquisition and retention.
In order to build a successful online marketing strategy and keep it on the track, constant monitoring and acknowledging customer feedback should be the thumb rule. Furthermore, it is essential to choose the most cost-effective and relevant plan that can assure maximum ROI. Pushing the boundaries of web technology should be the ultimate motive of any internet marketing tactic in order to achieve valuable leads.

Apart from using one or more of the internet marketing tools such as organic SEO, PPC campaigns, online banner ads, email marketing, content marketing and the like, the best way to ensure that your internet marketing plan is giving you desired results would be to consider the following points when calculating your ROI:
  1. Demographics of visitor
  2. Prospective leads
  3. Conversion leading to sales
  4. Monitoring the number of leads for sales generation
  5. Target web traffic for assured e-commerce sale
  6. Optimum use of testing tools


  • Opportunity - lead generation tool inside a business network
  • Google Analytics Treemaps - Explore an interactive view of your Acquisition channels
  • TabSite - promotions for web, mobile, & Facebook


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