• Why should I contact Web Tech Czar?
    • Changing or implementing new software can be a turbulent sea.  You'll need a plan, and probably some extra resources.
    • Paper paper everywhere.  Are you losing control of your digital assets?  Do you have a digital strategy?
    • Employees are bringing their own smartphones to work,  Are you worried about losing your intellectual property?
    • Audit your internet marketing strategy.  Do you have a strategy?  
    • Photography 
    • Marketing support
  • Google, Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo - which hardware and business software should I implement?
    • A start-up or a rapidly growing small business needs extra resources to apply their technology strategy.  Some solutions provide more value than others.  Web Tech Czar can help you implement a Google strategy.  
  • Relevant text, image, and video content is important for SEO in internet marketing content.  
    • Consumers now expect updated content, images, and videos to assist with their product or service decision.   
    • Social media and websites are notched-up with regularly deployed content. 

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