Google Keep

Google Keep is an app that connects to your Google Drive. 

When sync in enabled across all of your devices, Google Keep allows you to keep notes, voice memos, pictures, and checklists in order. 

The easy-to-use interface is a simple app for those looking to do basic note-keeping on-the-go.
  • Google Doc integration
  • Time management 
  • To-do lists
  • Bookmarking (with the Chrome extension)
  • Location-based reminders
  • Project management
  • Student 
    • Notes from class
    • Vocabulary words, spellings lists, long email addresses, library card number
    • Genius hour - help students through each stage of the process. Students can use Keep for brainstorming ideas, research, drawing a prototype, tracking progress, reminders and due dates, taking notes, reflection and more!
    • Research note cards - use Google Keep as their digital note cards, not only bookmarking, but adding notes, citations, page numbers, etc.
    • Annotation and illustration -  feature that allows you to draw, and it will also allow you to draw on top of an image. This means we can annotate and illustrate learning!
    • Daily habits and tasks - can help the group share and create notes, assign tasks, remember due dates, and hold each other accountable!
  • Mobile voice notes - iOS or Andriod app - record word pronunciations, practice reading aloud for fluency, and more.
  • Journaling - daily journal and writing reflections