Facebook for Business

Businesses use Facebook to build a loyal community around their brands.

They do this through providing content that consumers like, react, comment, and share not on an individual page, but a Facebook Busines Page.

Some businesses also advertise their products and services through promoted posts and targeted ads.

Facebook business pages are:
  • For businesses, organizations, or brands
  • Has 'likes' 
  • Can add a 'Like' button to website
  • Meant for marketing, PR, communications, and customer service
  • Are more successful when content is:
    • Posted
    • Liked
    • Shared
    • Calls-to action
  • Individual Facebook page is required
Use Facebook to:
  • Tell authentic stories
  • Focus on people and customers that you care about
  • Measure results, 
    • Keep a spreadsheet diary of major events
  • Use private groups 
    • Get feedback before public release
  • Engage with your audience 
    • Be creative

Tools - Resources



  • Tag posts
  • Use visuals - videos - images
  • Schedule posts
  • Author and post quality content
  • Tips from Jenny Brennan:
    • Look at your Facebook page insights and figure out your most popular posts 
    • Make a list of your top 10 posts in the last 60 days 
    • Create a list of all your “OWNED” content 
    • Take a look at the page posts that do well for your competition 
    • Curate a list of third party content that your fans may like 
    • Fill in your content calendar with a minimum of 2 x posts per day 
    • Start creating your Facebook page posts 
    • Schedule your Facebook page posts for the coming week 
    • Review your Facebook insights regularly 
    • Repeat What is Working 

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