Employee Retention

Employees are a foundation for any organization and managers lead their future and requires continuous employee improvement initiatives.

Test-and-checks for employee retention should include periodic performance reviews.  Additionally, web tools like the cloud allow organizations to effectively manage employee programs like policy and procedures.

Employee retention is improved with
  • Investing in your employees
  • Mentoring programs
  • A mindset of employee ownership
  • Management facilitation of an employee engagement of:
    • Work hour variations, telecommuting / flex hours (hours aren't everything)
    • Work environment variations
      • Encourage breaks
    • Investment in employees
  • Providing autonomy (freedom to make decisions)
  • Promoting healthy eating
    • Make healthful food available
    • Provide healthful choices at meetings
    • Model good nutrition
    • Provide a refrigerator for employees to bring and store their own 
    • Discourage eating at desks
    • Combine and consolidate festivties
    • Promote good nutrition and educate employees
    • Offer and encourage referral to a registered dietitian
    • Consider an onsite farmers market
    • Create and maintain a culture of health by offering incentives to those who change
  • Going Green
  • Give employee a voice; benefits include:
    • Higher performance rating
    • Lower turnover
    • More initiative and creativity