Mobile Friendly Email Marketing

Tips for creating mobile-friendly emails:
  1. Compose short subject lines
  2. Use a single-column template
  3. Keep your email under 600 px wide
  4. Use a large font size
  5. Display small images
  6. Provide a distinct call to action
  7. Don't make your call to action an image
  8. Avoid menu bars
  9. Don't stack links
  10. Test o multiple devices



  • Rapid Funnel for
    • Business employee engagement
    • Direct sales - exposures, follow-up, tracking, recognition, on boarding
    • Franchises - build a customer base with your employees
  • Smiply - allows user to attach a call to action to every link you share (could be a link back to your site, a form, or any action you'd like your visitors to take)

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