Email Marketing

Email marketing is when a commercial message is sent to a group of people using email and is the most direct method of interacting with customers in the digital age. 

Usually, this can include potential or current customers.

Larger email marketing endeavors may include marketing automation to personalize the marketing program.

Email Strategy Considerations

  • Multi-screen ready - mobile responsive
  • Subject line critical - it matters
  • Clear call to action - call now, email today, buy now, etc.
  • Test and measure strategies - use analytics and metrics

Reasons why a business will use an email marketing tool:
  1. Approved as a bulk mailer
  2. Use professional mailing practices
  3. Management of lists and hosting
  4. Professional email formatting 
  5. Higher email delivery numbers
  6. Measurable results
  7. Tool updates and enhancements
  8. Comply with all email marketing laws
  9. Range from free to very expensive


  1. Keep messages short
  2. Encourage social sharing 
  3. Create email lists for each stage of your consumer's consumption
  4. Headline your offer at the beginning of message
  5. Build urgency into your calls to action
  6. Remember that more than 2/3 of emails are read on mobile devices
  7. Closing salutation that contains

How to avoid spam filters - tips for email marketing



  • Kanvas - creative self-expressions for output to email