Digital Reader

An e-reader (electronic or digital reader) is a device for reading content, such as e-books, newspapers and documents. 

A standalone e-reader typically has wireless connectivity for downloading content and conducting other Web-based tasks. 


  • Amazon's Kindle
  • Sony Reader.


  • Spritz - Opens a small box on a page of text and streams words one by one, making it easier to read rapidly.
  • Pocket - Clips and saves articles from the Web for reading on mobile devices.
  • Instapaper - Comparable to Pocket, clips and saves articles for later viewing on mobile devices, including offline.
  • NextIssue - Provides subscribers access to 140 weekly and monthly magazines.
  • Flipboard - Collects and presents content from social media and elsewhere on the Web in magazine-style format.
  • Reeder - Collects and streamlines content from RSS feeds for mobile devices for iOS or Mac.
  • Nuzzel - Ranks stories from Twitter or Facebook based on how many of your contacts are sharing them.