Google Chromebook is a type of computer with features that include:
  • Hassle-free operating environment
    • Updates itself, for free with the latest and greatest version
    • Runs ChromeOS, an operating system that is fast, simple and secure
  • Quick start-up
  • Virus protection built in
  • Runs popular Google apps and thousands more
    • Favorite Google apps built in
      • Gmail
      • Google Photos
      • Google Drive
        • Folders
        • Docs
        • Sheets
        • Slides
        • Drawings
  • Keeps files and photos safe and automatically backed up online
  • Hardware options for Chrome Operating System
    • Chromebox (digital signage, desktop when external monitor and keyboard are connected)
    • Chromebase (all-in one Chromebook, desktop style)
    • Chromebit (small Chromebook that requires external keyboard, monitor)
    • Flip (tablet with flappable keyboard)

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