Hire a Web Designer

If you are planning to pay for web design support?

Here are some suggested questions:
  1. Are you a web designer (compared to a print designer)?
  2. Are you a computer coder or a web designer?
  3. Do you use a contract and what are the key points of the contract?
  4. Where can your portfolio be viewed?
  5. What web design experience do you have?
  6. Do you provide training notes for maintaining site content?
  7. Will you provide the final artwork files?
  8. What SEO services and advice can you provide?
  9. Which content management system will you use and why?
  10. What call-to-action(s) do you recommend for my product or service?
  11. Do you offer thorough browser testing?
Objectively rate the above responses in a Google Sheet (spreadsheet) when comparing at least 2-3 web designers and include a post-design review of:
  • Styles
  • Colors
  • Sitemap
  • Competition feature comparison

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