Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis is a strategic technique used to evaluate outside competitors.  

It is a competitive analysis is a critical part of a companies marketing plan. 

Competitor Analysis Evaluation

  • Establish what makes product or service unique
  • Determine what attributes you 'play-up' in order to attract target market

Review Competitor

  • SAM, System for Award Management registration using
  • D-U-N-S, Dun & Bradstreet - 
  • NAICS - North American Industry Classification System at the census bureau -
  • Representations & Certifications
  • Points of contact, corporate URL
  • Small Business Programs
    • 8a
    • WOSB
    • HUBZone
    • VOSB
    • SDVOSB
  • Are any changes you need to make to your SAM registration?

Small Business Search

  • SBA - Dynamic Small Business Search
  • A to Z Search - iPhone/iPad app available
    • Small businesses: find sales leads and mailing lists to grow their business
    • Entrepreneurs: find similar businesses along with competitors
    • Students: research businesses by industry or segment and company size
    • Government agencies: employment statistics, mapping, and traffic modeling
    • People searching: locate friends and relatives
    • Guidance counselors: helping students learn about various careers and how to find jobs
    • Fundraising: find income and home in any neighborhood

Competition Website Review

  • Determine their target markets and their perceived strengths. This is a good way to see their view of the industry's future. 
  • Is their view different from the consensus? 
  • Is their website current and fresh? 
  • What do you like about it? 
  • Can you improve your website?

Google Your Competitor

  • How do they appear in the search results?
  • Are they doing something new?
  • Subscribe to Google Alerts

Check competitor's recent federal sales history

  • Federal Procurement Data System - Next Generation
  • Use their D-U-N-S number because company names are often close in spelling. 
    • Sort by date signed.
  • Who are they doing business with and how much? 
  • Should you research an agency as a potential target?

Is your competitor on GSA Schedule? 

What's new since the last time you checked this competitor? 

Are you getting ahead or falling behind What changes do you need to make?


  • Click Master - User Experience (UX) tool, Website Review, Social Statistics, Worth, SEO & Marketing Analysis 
  • Fanpage Karma - Monitor Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest marketing
  • Klear - Social analytics and influencer marketing
  • LikeAlyzer - Facebook analysis
  • Twitonomy - Twitter analytics

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