Business communication is the exchange of information or news between people or places.

In the social media world, although the business does not have have to be a 'for-profit'; it can be a 'non-profit', a cause or a professional motivation.  Because all of these types have competition and the need to have a financial balance sheet, business communication awareness is important.


  • Verbal / audio
    • Telephone
    • Radio
    • Video
    • Conference
  • Non-Verbal
    • Newspaper
    • Social Media
      • Website
      • Blog
    • Picture
    • Text
    • Email
How do you improve communication?
  1. Get personal with your story
  2. Engage why it matters, the pain points
  3. Be truthful
  4. Reliance, timing is critical

Benefits of Social Media Communication

  1. Increased brand recognition
  2. Improved brand loyalty
  3. More opportunity to convert
  4. Higher conversion rates
  5. Higher brand authority
  6. Increased inbound traffic
  7. Decreased marketing costs
  8. Better search engine rankings
  9. Richer customer experience
  10. Improved customer insights


  1. Who is the competition?  
  2. What your strength, weakness?
  3. What is the competition's strengths, weaknesses?



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