Business Startup

Every business startup should include essential elements:

For a new business to be successful, resources are needed.
  • Business Plan
  • Implementation tools, team, plan
  • Capital
  • Media management
    • Print mediums
    • Website
    • Email marketing
    • Public relations
  • Communication
  • Evaluations, follow-up
    • Website matching to target customers?
    • Hire, keep young employees?
    • Business professional feedback from bankers and lawyers?
    • Return on technology investments?
    • Sales channel alignment to clients?
    • Network to consider investing more?
    • New ideas?
    • Employee satisfaction?
    • Customer's perception of price/quality of your product or service?


Articles / Media


  • How to stand-out with local clients?  
    • Local groups are always looking for speakers. While you may have to speak for free you can offer your services to them at the end of your talk.
      • Give presentations locally to:
        • Targeted group of business owners 
        • Local chamber
  • 5 steps to validate demand for your business


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