Artist's Small Business

An artist is a person who practices any of the various creative arts, such as being a sculptor, novelist, poet, musician, or filmmaker - an entrepreneur of the arts.

Social Media & Marketing Tips

  1. Strategic annualized calendar 
    • Organic marketing plans
    • Paid marketing-advertising plans
  2. Optimize your mix of marketing media with the analytics of the tools
  3. Success is associated with the number of followers
  4. Website with a blog is your focal strength for casual and your most important customers
  5. Email list and newsletter is cost-effective
  6. Social media and follower demographics are changing - adjust your investments of time and money based on the dynamics of the tools & influencers
    • Video needs to be a growing part of your media presence, including live video
    • Mobile friendly
  7. Shorter is better



Artist Products

  • Nuvango - artist designed
    • Art Prints
      • Fine Art Prints
      • Stretched Canvases
      • Greeting Cards
    • Apparel - Men's and Women's T-shirts
    • Cases & Skins
      • iPhone and iPad skins and covers recommended by iPhone class student (20150514)
      • Samsung cases & skins
      • iPad Skins
      • Laptop Skins
      • Kindle Skins
    • Home
      • Pillows
      • Greeting cards

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