iOS Apps

Self Help


  • Camera Awesome - takes your photos to the next level by shooting fast and taking sharper, better-exposed shots. 
    • Make your memories come alive with stunning professional effects, and 1-Tap sharing on popular sites.
  • Legend  
    • Turn text into stunning animations.
    • Put your words in motion. Inspire people. Make friends laugh. In just 2 taps!
    • Perfect for Instagram, Twitter, iMessage, WhatsApp. 
    • Save video or GIF.
  • Phhhoto - photographs in motion
  • Over App 
    • Add text & artwork to your photos
    • Simple & intuitive design
  • Superimpose - Easy way to superimpose one photo on top of another
  • WordSwag - turns words into beautiful photo text designs.
  • Workflow - Connect apps and actions together to automate things you do on your device. To build a workflow, just drag and drop.

Talking Pictures

    1. AudioSnaps
    2. Flipagram
    3. Mupic
    4. Phozo
    5. Shutterfly Photo Story
    6. Shattersong
    7. Snippt
    8. Soundpoix
    9. Tunepics
    10. Vox Pixl