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GAMY Battle Benefits Small Buinsesses

GAMY is the epic corporate battles of Google vs Apple vs Microsoft vs Yahoo (and others including Amazon and Facebook) for your individual and/or business $.

Google vs Apple vs Microsoft vs Yahoo

Their revenue is from combinations of web data, software, and/or hardware.  They want your eyes!

Some of the services are considered 'Freemium' where users benefit with the 'terms of use.'

Productivity Suites and Apps

  • Google Android / Chrome / Gmail / Photos / Google News / Google Drive / Docs / Sheets / Slides
  • Apple Mail iPhone / Safari / Photo Library / News / iCloud Drive / Pages / Numbers / Keynote
  • Microsoft Outlook / Windows Devices  / MSN / OneDrive / Word / Excel / PowerPoint
  • Yahoo Mail / FLICKR / News / Weather


  • Amazon
  • Facebook
Password should be unique to each; and this sometimes creates confusion for the newer user (like myself), who uses a Google Gmail address as an Apple id.

For additional layers of sign-in security; two-step authentication is available.

Of the above provides, who provides the greatest value, low-cost, ease-of-use, and integration of tools?  

I believe Google is the winner; specially for small businesses and startups.

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