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Friendship Through Social Media Engagement

posted Jun 25, 2016, 6:01 PM by Marc Czarnecki   [ updated Jun 25, 2016, 7:03 PM ]
Social Media for You

Although using social media communication technologies can be intimidating; your goal should be to engage with your friends, family, customers, and clients.

Social media engagement on most social platforms is accomplished by 'liking, commenting, and sharing' posts and by indicating an 'interest or attendance' in a Facebook event.

Your posts and comments should be authentic and genuine, ideally using photography or even better, video.  

Cover art for the post should be regularly updated; most easily with your smartphone and the social media app.

Your engagement is an effective element to 'organic' social media.  

By engaging with social media and other organizations that you favor; you are actually minimizing the potential advertising expenses for the business, non-profit, or cause marketing event.  The objective of the organization is to effectively market their product or service online. The objective of the social media platform is to update your news-feed with topics and content that are relevant to you.

You as an individual become the best marketing tool for your cause and will be rewarded with posts on your news-feed that meets or exceeds your social expectations.

'Like, comment, and share' social media posts and the platform will become more of your friend.

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